Business Philosophy

Business Philosophy

Attitude: Providing a high quality logistics service by being positive, hard-working and professional. Multitasking: Utilizing the networks spread across the globe, carrying out various of activities to offer the best service. Benefits: Offering a customer-oriented service with an emphasis on what the customers get from the valuable services. Efficiency: Strengthening of human creativity, innovation and efficiency to build a quality and competitive system. Our goal is to meet the expectations of customers and partners in business in a professional manner. Reliability: We will operate our business base on the true value and turn them from prospect into customer’s trust.

Vision, Mission and Core values


Our vision is sustaining the continuous improvement of competence, speed and quality of service, lead to be an Asian Bridge of Excellence in Global Business


Supporting and connecting small and medium enterprises to partners all over the world with the most efficient logistic solution, maximize the added value for enterprises’ products and services.

Core values

Credibility: Amber places Credibility as our the most competitive advantage and vigorously protect its Credibility as one would protect one’s honor. We fully prepared concrete plans in meeting our commitments, even going beyond the expectations of customers and partners, particularly on those related to services’ quality and implementation progress. Humanity: Amber fosters close relationships with our customers, business partners and members with compassion and harmony. We value employees as our most important resource. We invest in building a professional, dynamic, challenging and compassionate work environment with professional development opportunities. Speed: We consider Speed and Efficiency as our guiding principle in every activity. We surely provide fast service, fast decision, and fast adaptation in our services. Quality: Amber aims to gather best people who are trustworthy and dedicated to our customers and partners by providing a bridge between Asian SME and others across the world with the best service

Human Resources

Amber employees always have creativity and flexibility under the leadership of sensitive leaders, creating Amber prestige in both Vietnamese and world markets. Amberers always bring their own culture which is full of humanity, love and discipline with their intelligence and ceaseless creativity. By accompanying with Amber, Amberers create good values and contribute to the success of the company.

Customer service


To develop the service of excellent quality and customers satisfaction.


  • Conduct comprehensive research on customers’ needs and expectation.
  • Build up the corporate culture based on “customer-centric”.
  • Formulate principles of communication towards customers for members.
  • Implement a customer care procedure with customizing services to optimize customers’ benefits.